Toby Tiger GmbH x recyclehero!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with recyclehero!

Dear customers of Toby Tiger GmbH,

We at Toby Tiger GmbH are proud to announce our partnership with RecycleHero, a leader in recycling and environmental protection. Together we aim to make the world a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place.

Our common mission:
Through this partnership we want to:

Promote sustainability: By supporting RecycleHero's recycling initiatives, we actively contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and protecting our environment.

Raise awareness: We want to educate our customers about the importance of recycling and environmentally friendly practices and encourage them to also work towards a more sustainable future.

Offering quality and style: Despite our commitment to the environment, we do not neglect the quality and style of our products. At Toby Tiger GmbH you can continue to expect high-quality and trendy clothing for your little ones.

How can you participate?

It's very simple! When you shop at Toby Tiger GmbH, you can drop off your used clothing and accessories in special RecycleHero containers in our stores. RecycleHero will then take care of the proper reuse or recycling of these items.

recyclehero offers you the best service for your location: from free collection to drop-off at a collection point or shipping via our shipping partner!

Be part of the movement!

Join us and become part of the movement for a more sustainable future. By shopping at Toby Tiger GmbH and supporting RecycleHero, you are helping to reduce environmental impact and preserve the world for future generations.

Visit our website to learn more about our products and partnership with RecycleHero. Together we can make a positive difference!