organic love

Save the planet, go organic

What is all the fuss about organic cotton all about?

It's simple: It's better for our children, our workers and our planet - and here's why:

  • She is naturally soft. There's a reason organic cotton is so soft. It dispenses with all of the harsh chemicals and dyes used in the processing of standard cotton that destroy the fibers and damage the fabric.
  • Safe and healthy. Organic cotton growers and garment manufacturers don't come into contact with harsh chemicals and dyes, which is much safer for them. Plus it's a lot better for the environment. Only natural pest control methods are used, helping to keep the soil fertile, the water clean and our air unpolluted.
  • It is particularly kind to the skin. Organic cotton is comfortable and super soft on even the most sensitive skin thanks to the absence of harmful chemicals. This means it's perfect for babies and children - and less likely to trigger allergies and skin conditions like eczema.
  • You can love your clothes longer. Since organic clothing has not been manipulated like traditional clothing, it lasts much longer and is very easy to wash - even at 30 degrees - so it can be worn again and again. And when your child grows a size, you can easily pass it on to friends or pass it down through generations.

We go the ecological extra mile

Toby Tiger clothing is also GOTS certified, which is a distinction for us. In short, it means we - and you - can be assured that our cotton suppliers and garment manufacturers use only the best practices for environmental, social and ethical standards.

Factories are inspected to ensure workers have a safe and clean environment and are paid a fair, living wage. Mills are also required to demonstrate how much water and energy they use to produce their cotton, while GOTS sets targets and practices to help reduce the burden.

All in all, happy workers make our clothes happier, which makes the environment a lot happier too. That puts a smile on our faces and of course on those of the little ones who wear them.