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🥨 Drum roll, please! The Toby Tiger's Pretzel Collection - a delicious celebration of all things pretzel, served with a generous helping of playfulness! 🥨

Immerse yourself in a world where pretzels are not just snacks, but also a style statement! 😄 Our pretzel applique t-shirt, pretzel print yoga pants and pretzel print long sleeve skater dress are like a big, warm and stylish pretzel hug. And here's the kicker (pun intended) - they're all made from 100% GOTS certified organic materials. 🌿


🥨 Our pretzel applique t-shirt is a delicious mix of fashion and comfort. It's like your favorite food, only in clothing form!

Next up, we have the pretzel print yoga pants - perfect for stretching, lounging, or, let's be honest, admiring your quirky legwear in the mirror. 🧘‍♀️🤳 Not only are they super stylish, but with the GOTS organic seal, they're also approved by Mother Earth. A double win! 🌍✅

Now let's get to the Pretzel Print Long-Sleeved Skater Dress - a dress that will make you feel like a pretzel princess. It's the ideal dress for those days when you want to take your pretzel love to a whole new level. 💃🥨

So why choose Toby Tiger's pretzel collection? Well, our playful and eco-friendly designs will not only make you the coolest pretzel lover in town, but will also bring a touch of joy to your closet. 😄✨

Get ready to twist, turn and snack with a dose of fun - all knowing you're making an eco-friendly choice. 🌱 Make a statement without saying a word - shop Toby Tiger's Pretzel collection today because life is too short for boring clothes! 🛒👗🥨

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