Frog fashion for World Frog Day

It's World Frog Day and what better way to celebrate than with happy frog prints? There are many cute clothing options, from Toby Tiger: frog hoodies with funny 'frog eyes ' on the hood, to a t-shirt with a pop-up frog hidden in a flower pot. There's even a frog print on yoga pants and a drool bib. So if you're looking for a fun and stylish way to celebrate World Frog Day, look no further - there's something for everyone!

Frog t shirt

If you're looking for an extra cute piece of clothing, the Toby Tiger Frog Hoodie is it . The hoodie not only has funny eyes on the hood, but also a frog's mouth that represents the zipper. It's a great garment to wear on a chilly day, not only to keep our little ones warm but also to bring joy into the world with cheerful children's clothing


Another cute option is a t-shirt with a flip-up frog. This t-shirt has a frog hidden behind a flower pot. When you open the flower pot, the frog will appear - it's like a little surprise gift! This is a great option for kids who love to play hide and seek and have fun.

Frog hoodie

For those of you who practice yoga, there are even yoga pants with a matching frog print. The pants are perfect for World Frog Day as they combine a love of frogs and a love of yoga. It also makes a great gift for a friend or family member who loves yoga and likes frogs.

Frog print t-shirt

Finally, there is also a drool bib with a frog print. This bib is perfect for babies and toddlers who are just starting to eat solid foods. It's cute and practical at the same time and the frog design makes it a great choice for World Frog Day.

Frog print yoga pants

Overall, there are lots of cute and fun clothing items at Toby Tiger to celebrate World Frog Day. Whether you're choosing a Toby Tiger hoodie, t-shirt, yoga pants or a drool bib with a frog print, there's something to suit everyone.